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Special Three-Day Session
The Reinvention of Learning
at the
International Conference of the
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Atalanta, GA, November 8 -10, 2001


In association with the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), the Learning Development Institute will conduct a special three-day session on "The Reinvention of Learning." The session follows in the wake of earlier sessions on related themes at the AECT conferences in Long Beach, CA (February 2000) and Denver, CO (October 2000).


Description of the Workshop

The past two AECT meetings featured active discussion on the need to broaden our conception of learning. The vivid participation by numerous attendees in the Special Presidential session on "In Search of the Meaning of Learning" at the Denver conference was a clear signal that this important dialogue had merely begun. Thus, during the forthcoming Atlanta meeting a three-day workshop on the "Reinvention of Learning" will be held. The organizers of the previous events, the Learning Development Institute (LDI), will also organize and facilitate this workshop. Participants in the workshop will learn - and contribute to the learning of others - through active participation in group exercises and dialogue. In addition to an in-depth exploration of the meaning of learning, participants will be given the opportunity, using concept-mapping techniques, to work on a variety of key issues important for the reconceptualization of learning and the redefinition of the conditions for its development. Attention will be given also to the management of change involved in a different kind of landscaping of the learning environment.

Due to the workshop nature of this event, spread over the three days of the conference, space will be limited. To avoid the overcrowding we had at the Denver session, interested conference attendees will be required to sign up for this workshop in advance, preferably while they register for the conference. A nominal workshop fee of $ 15 for the full nine hours, in addition to the conference registration fee, will cover the cost of food, snacks, and workshop materials.

Jan Visser (LDI), David Solomon (Wayne State University) and Yusra Laila Visser (LDI and Florida State University) will be facilitating. The workshop will be scheduled so as to minimize interference with other important conference events.

Further information regarding the Meaning of Learning (MOL) project, which provides the overall framework for it, can be found under "activities" on this Website

Registration is through AECT. For details, visit the AECT Website.