Forum for follow-up on Bob Branson's interactive roundtable on Enticing the Scientific Mind. The forum aims at collecting narratives that reveal what leads people, particularly at a young age, to make choices that favor the development of a scientific mindset. To participate, sign up at and log in to the forum Enticing the Scientific Mind. This forum remains open for a limited period of time.

Forum created by Paul Grobstein on the serendip Web site for post-BtSM2007 colloquium dialogue at

Forum on Brain and Stories co-organized by Paul Grobstein and Benjamin Olshin at

Two transdisciplinarity discussion forums set up by John van Breda on – a general one where you post any feedback or reflections on the TD discussions during BtSM2007 and one with lots of headings (context, research questions, methodology, methods etc.) to entice you to share your thoughts specifically on a possible design for a post-graduate TD PhD programme. You have to sign up for it and then navigate to Discussion Forum.

The Problem-Oriented Learning (POL) SIG created a Web page for the work by members of that group. It is available at

Jane Dougan has set up a facility to share BtSM2007 photographs. Check it out at