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UNESCO Learning Workshop on Distance Learning

LEARNTEC 2001, Karlsruhe, Germany

January 30 to February 2, 2001

The Communication and Information Sector in UNESCO organized a "UNESCO Learning Workshop" on Distance Learning, which was held within the framework of LEARNTEC 2001 from 30 January through 3 February 2001. Experts from UNESCO Member States and other UNESCO partners engaged in a process of acquiring and exchanging experience in the field of distance learning. UNESCO's aim with the programme was to facilitate participants' access to practical and technical information so as to help them to draft national distance learning strategies for their countries and initiate partnerships with other institutions in different countries.

The Learning Development Institute had been invited by UNESCO to participate in the above event through its President, Jan Visser, along with 22 other representatives from different parts of the world. They included five representatives from Eastern Europe; four from Latin America & the Caribbean; six from the Asia/Pacific region; four from Africa; and three from the Arab States. North America and Western Europe was represented by Jan Visser. Visser was also chosen to serve as Rapporteur-General for the meeting.

At the request of UNESCO, a paper was presented on Distance Learning as Seen from the North and the West: Points to Ponder for the World at Large.

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