La educación y el aprendizaje en el tiempo de las nuevas tecnologías de información y de comunicación:

Un diálogo entre Federico Mayor y Jan Visser


On 6 March 2002, the book "Internet, una profecía" saw the light at Editorial Ariel, Barcelona, Spain. Editors of the book are P. Mayor Menéndez & J. M. Areilza Carvajal. The book contains a chapter by Federico Mayor and Jan Visser with the above title (Education and learning in a time of new information and communication media: A dialogue between Federico Mayor and Jan Visser).


Author information:

Federico Mayor Zaragoza is Founding President of the Culture of Peace Foundation and former Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) from 1987 to 1999. He is a biochemist by original vocation.

Jan Visser is Founding President of the Learning Development Institute and former UNESCO Director for Learning Without Frontiers (1995 to 2000). He is a theoretical physicist by original vocation.

The book was formally presented to Doña Ana de Palacio, European Delegate and Representative of Spain to the Convention on the Future of the European Union, and to Don Baudilio Tomé, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, during a ceremony on March 15, 2002, in the "Aula Magna" of the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. The presentation took place in the presence of Diego del Alcazar, Director-General of the Instituto de Empresa, and Fernando Fontes, Director of the Fundación del Instituto de Empresa.