Evgeny Patarakin

20th of July 2002 - we just ended Internet summer school and created collective hypertext about several Russian villages.You can check it out on www.iatp.nnov.ru - in Russian only :(








I am a PhD, the Head of Laboratory and regional alumni coordinator. My research interests extend to on-line community education and philosophy of education.

I developed Internet courses for students of the University of Pereslavl-Zalessky and Internet courses for ECA Alumni and NGO members in Nizhny Novgorod.

I coordinate a lot of educational projects in different fields of knowledge. Together with psychologists I co-developed repweb.botik.ru - interactive web-server designed to help students and artists make explicit their patterns of thought. The main concept of our web site was based on Kelly's psychology regarding the man anticipating the world as a "personal scientist". This psychology offers the opportunity to integrate different approaches of knowledge representation and different psychological techniques we used in our work on Constructive Web Site where students played the role of researchers. Together with the media artist Gilles Morel and curator Tatyana Moguilevskaya we created "Vent d'Est Web site," the objective of which was to develop a digital archive of Russian video-art and new-media-art. In 1997 - 2000 I coordinated common research on information exchange and telecommunication stage production via the Internet, network art actions. between the Program Systems Institute and CYPRES (France).
You can read more about my work and interest in my formal resume.

Starting work as biologist and microbiologist I continued my professional growth in the field of computer science and computer education and became the head of a Laboratory in the Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. I work in different OS - DOS, Windows, Linux and use different programming languages - Logo, Java-Script, Perl. I have worked with Lego-Logo constructors, video, audio and digital photography and have a good experience in using them. I am a good chess and Go player and it helps me to look at the Internet field from different points of view.

I can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected]


Since 1986 my work has been strongly influenced by the Seymour Papert's idea of constructive learning. We designed and tested different Logo microworlds.
My daughter Ann likes to play with turtles and our Scotch terrier Seymour :)