Latest update: June 15, 2008

Rethinking human learning with sustainability in mind:

Building the scientific mind—a case in point

The above title refers to an invited talk delivered by Jan Visser on June 10, 2008, in the framework of theSoil, Soul and Society Seminar Series run by the Sustainability Institute at
Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
Click here to access a PDF version of the slides used to illustrate the talk.
A MP3 audio file of the entire session is also available. Right click on the link and use the 'save link as' option to download the file to your disk. Considering the file size (40 MB), the file may take considerable time to download.
In addition to delivering the above talk, Dr. Visser's visit to Stellenbosch was also taken advantage of to brainstorm about the new PhD program in Transdisciplinary Studies offered by Stellenbosch University with the participation of the Sustainability Institute.
About the Sustainability Institute:
Located outside Stellenbosch, the Sustainability Institute is an international living and learning centre, for studies and experience in ecology, community and spirit. The Institute provides a space for exploring an African vision for a more equitable society that lives in a way that sustains rather than destroys the eco-system within which all society is embedded. Situated within the Lynedoch Development, an ecologically designed and socially mixed community, the focus on learning for sustainability and academic exploration happen within a child-centered place of practice, innovation and reflection.

About the Soil, Soul and Society Seminar Series:
Edgar Morin concludes in Homeland Earth (1999):
"The adventure remains unknown. The Planetary Era may possibly come to naught before it has even begun to bloom. Perhaps humankind's struggles may lead only to death and ruin. However, the worst is not yet certain, and the game is not yet over. In the absence of any certainty or even probability, there is the possibility of a better world. The task is huge and unassured. We cannot eschew either hope or despair. Both holding of and resignation from office seem equally impossible. We must have a 'passionate patience'. We stand on the threshold, not of the last, but of the early stages of the battle."
The Seminar Series will be running for the duration of 2008 and it is the intention to present a seminar at the Sustainability Institute on the last Thursday of every month. This arrangement may change from time to time to accommodate guest speakers. When available, reading material will be distributed.