Latest update: February 21, 2008

3rd Universe Awareness Multidisciplinary Workshop on
Educational Materials

Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
February 25-29, 2008
Universe Awareness (UNAWE) is an international program that aims to inspire young disadvantaged children with the beauty and scale of the universe. Games, songs, hands-on activities, cartoons and live internet exchanges are devised in partnership with UNAWE communities throughout the world for children from the age of 4 onwards. UNAWE illustrates the multicultural origins of modern astronomy in an effort to broaden children’s minds, awaken their curiosity in science and stimulate global citizenship and tolerance. LDI is among the endorsing organizations of UNAWE.
This workshop brought together the most creative and hands-on educators in the field with experts in media, toy making and child development. The outcome of the workshop was a collection of activities and materials. The relevance and usefulness of these materials and the ways in which they could be used are discussed extensively during the workshop. Once localized and distributed to all the partner countries, they will be the first international UNAWE materials.
The workshop was held at the Lorentz Center at the University of Leiden.
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LDI participated in the international part of the event, which ran from 25 to 27 February 2008, with an agenda item on the first day on Basics of Evaluation - 15 minutes introduction on The Importance of Formative Evaluation followed by a roundtable discussion led by Jan Visser.
Click here for a link to the full program for the three-day period.